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We educate professionals about elder justice issues. Our trainings are nuanced and cutting edge, tailored to each group’s specific needs.

We are the only accredited Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider in NY State focused exclusively on elder justice issues. Nearly all our trainings can be tailored to qualify for CLE credit.

Past audiences include:

Police departments


Social workers


District attorney’s offices

Legal services organizations

Bar associations





Adult Protective Services

Guardians Ad-Litem,

Crime Victim Assistance Program

Family Justice Centers

Meals on Wheels


Senior centers,

Community-based social services agencies


The Weinberg Center for Elder Justice

An introduction to the Weinberg Center for Elder Justice, including our history and mission, referral process, and the national shelter movement. We encourage new community partners and service providers interested in working with the Weinberg Center to participate in this training.

Elder Abuse 101

An overview of elder abuse including definitions, ageism and bias, elder abuse screening and effective interventions. Focus on elder abuse identification strategies and the role of community partners in developing a coordinated community response. This training can be tailored to any professional and is appropriate for a wide-range of audiences. 

Elder Abuse 102

Expanding on the concepts of elder abuse and domestic violence in later life, this training can include identifying elder abuse among people with dementia or diminished capacity, detecting elder abuse over the phone, civil and criminal remedies for elder abuse, elder abuse and the LGBTQIA+ aging community, abuse in faith communities, and COVID-19 and elder abuse.

The Shelter Movement

Examines the problem of elder abuse and the need for intervention programs addressing the medical, cognitive, therapeutic, social services, and legal needs of older adults in the context of temporary emergency housing. The training explores various shelter models and key lessons for success in bringing this program to your community.

Elder Abuse and Financial Crime

A deep dive into financial exploitation and fraud, common scams, and legal remedies for financial abuse. Explores the economic consequences of elder abuse on older adults and the challenges of low-incomes, high debt loads, and damaged credit that many survivors of elder abuse experience.

Elder Abuse and Public Health Impact

Focused on the public health impacts of elder abuse, topics include mental, physical, and financial health outcomes, the role of public health in elder abuse response work, public health strategies to prevent elder abuse, and restorative justice in elder abuse cases.

Trauma and Aging

Covers trauma-informed care practices when working with older adults, the impacts of trauma, unique trauma symptoms of older adults, and executing trauma-informed advance directives. This training also explores effective strategies for clinical and legal audiences.

Elder Abuse and Guardianship

An overview of elder abuse and guardianship, including legal frameworks for surrogate decision-making at end-of-life, issues of capacity and elder abuse, and the impacts of elder abuse on decision-making. We explore legal remedies for identification and intervention before, during, and after the guardianship.

Older Adults and Sexuality

Sex and aging may be one of our culture’s last taboos. This presentation explores sexuality as an elder justice issue, examining its intersections with a variety of cultural and political institutions with an emphasis on healthcare and the legal system.

For further information about the Weinberg Center’s CLE programming or to request a training, please contact.