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Justice Reclaimed: The Weinberg Center Recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020

By June 15, 2020No Comments

One in ten older adults experience abuse in the community, and billions of dollars have been lost to financial abuse and exploitation of older adults. Even these numbers are likely under-reported. In New York, only an estimated one in 24 older adults experiencing abuse are connected to services.

Preventing, identifying, and intervening in cases of elder abuse requires public awareness and education. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was established to do just that.

This year, WEAAD falls during a strange and difficult time. The impacts of COVID-19 have sharpened our focus on the pain and danger of isolation. Right now, connection and a coordinated community response to elder abuse is as important as ever.

In light of this time, The Weinberg Center for Elder Justice is commemorating WEAAD by focusing on the talents and creativity of Weinberg Center residents, cultivated through decades of their work and practice. To this end, The Weinberg Center staff have curated an exhibit featuring the creative work of current and former Weinberg Center residents. Showcasing these talents is part of our work supporting our residents in reclaiming justice and reasserting individual power and control over their lives and legacies.

Every year, The Weinberg Center team recognizes two members of the Hebrew Home staff that have gone above and beyond in their support of the Weinberg Center, Weinberg residents, and elder justice work.

This year, we recognized Laverne Murdock, Executive Assistant in Administration, as the Honorary Weinberg Team Member of the year. Laverne is a frequent supportive presence to every member of the Weinberg Team and source of support and kindness for many Weinberg residents.

Laverne Murdock and Weinberg Center Director and Managing Attorney, Joy Solomon

We also recognized Holly Fulmer, Nurse Practitioner, with this year’s Elder Justice Hero Award. Holly has been a zealous advocate for dignity and respect throughout life, including through supporting end of life decision making for a Weinberg resident within the court system.

Holly Fulmer and Joy Solomon

Join us on our journey to justice today and every day by reaching to the older adults in your life, educating yourself about red flags of elder abuse, fighting ageism, and joining the public conversation about ending elder abuse.